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For some of the highest rev shares and custom deals

Why us?

Join our affiliate programme for up to 45% in commissions. The more NDPs you generate, the higher the payout!

We’re joining the fun at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) between the 6th and 9th of February 2019. We look forward to seeing you all there and are happy to discuss new deals for all our partners.
Early bookings are now open

You will be assigned to your own affiliate manager who you will be able to contact via email or Skype at any time.


Your success is our mission, which is why we offer such competitive revenue percentages. We pride ourselves in our no hidden fees or undisclosed hidden deductions model. Get an up to 45% revenue share for the first three months and enjoy a no carry over or player quota at Condor Affiliates.

s-c. 0+ 5%
0-2 20%
3-5 30%
6-10 35%
11-20 40%
20+ 45%


Earn even more commission with our Sub-Affiliate Programme. Sign up to each brand via the MEDIA SUB-AFFILIATE option, and each affiliate who signs up through one of your banners will give you an extra 5% with every NPD they get.

Condor Affiliates Programme

We will give you plenty of professional tips and advice, but how you choose to promote our product is entirely up to you. Get your share of our success through individual brands, verticals, categories and much more!

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