Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Condor Affiliates partner program work?

The Condor Affiliates partner program offers you the opportunity to make money with your website(s). Any player delivered by your website who successfully registers a casino account, will be recognized within the Affiliate program as 'My player'. The minute the player deposits and starts to play at the online casino, you get your share of the players’ generated revenue.


What products can I promote?

Currently, there is the opportunity for partners to promote and advertise 24Bettle, b-Bets, Rembrandt Casino and Casino Sieger. These casinos are available as fully mobile responsive sites so that players can enjoy everything from slots and Live Casino to the Sportsbook on any device and screen size.


Are there any costs to participate in the Condor Affiliates Program?

The Condor Affiliates Program is absolutely free. All promotional materials are free of charge and available to help you promoting and advertising and earning as fast as possible, with customised banners and materials are available on request. The minute we accepted your registration as an affiliate partner, we share the revenue with you. Of course, you have to pay for your own website and/or other services you decide to order on your sole discretion.


Can I open multiple accounts for different websites?

No, we offer a an advanced partner system that lets you have multiple campaigns on each of the four brands at once, within just one account. The system assigns your 24Bettle, b-Bets, Rembrandt Casino and Casino Sieger visitors to your different websites and you can analyze which website generates the most visitors to either one of the casinos, where the most real players come from, and where the highest turnover is made. Therefore, it is neither necessary nor possible to open multiple accounts.


How and where can I register and how do I proceed?

If you would like to join the Condor Affiliates Program, please use our registration form . After receiving your application, it will be reviewed and in case your website(s) are rated as quality content, you will become a participant in the Condor Affiliates Program. However, it may be that you receive a call after a few hours from us in order to further gather information for approval of your partner application. After our approval, you will be notified by e-mail and can start immediately. You'll also receive the contact details of your personal manager. Your affiliate manager is always there for you to answer questions and provide a unique service to you. Click here for the Condor Affiliates Program application.


What promotional materials are provided and how to get them?

Promotional materials are available under the Marketing Tools section, which is only available once you're logged in at
In this area you will find logos, animated GIF banners, static banners, and, of course, all the links and 'tracker IDs' you need to measure your player traffic. Our banner range is huge and is constantly expanding. That way, we maintain the highest potential for conversion.
Our service also includes the creation and delivery of customized marketing assets such as special sized banners, written creative content, mailers, landing pages and SEO reviews - you just have to detail what you need to your dedicated affiliate manager.


How does the reward system work?

If a player clicks your personal tracker and visits our casino(s), the partner program identifies them as 'your player'. The income is generated according to the agreed percentages shared with you. The more players and revenue you generate, the more you earn. And your percentages will adjust upward, if you achieve high conversions.


Where do I see my current earnings balance?

After you have logged in to the Condor Affiliates Program, a quick balance view for each brand is shown. You can view all stats; for example, how many players have registered, deposited, how often they played and how much they've withdrawn.


How often are the statistics updated?

The statistics are real time. You can always see whether your players have played or not. This guarantees that you're always up to date on your current income and how effective your campaigns are.


How do I determine the percentage that my players provide?

Your affiliate manager will design an individual percentage depending on your performance at 24Bettle, b-Bets, Rembrandt Casino and Casino Sieger. The percentage is relevant for one year and then it will be re-evaluated. This agreement is written down and recorded in the partner system. You may find further information on this subject under the Commission Plans page.


When and how do I get paid?

Your income is determined in each case for the current calendar month. There will be a monthly financial statement available in your logged in account at, at the end of each month, that you can withdraw.


What happens if my account balance is negative at the end of the month?

If your players won more money than they lost in a month, your account balance at the end of the month will be negative. At the beginning of the next month the counter will go back to zero again, so there is no negative carry-over.


Can I recruit sub-affiliates?

For the recruitment of sub-affiliates, you will get a special provision. Specifically, you get 5% commission of the partner performance that you recruit which is automatically credited to your account. To get acquainted with the Condor Affiliates Sub-Affiliate Program, please take a look at the Commission Plans page .


Do you have a support department?

A good and lasting relationship with partners of Condor Affiliates is the key interest to us. Each partner gets a personal affiliate manager. The manager is assigned to support affiliates in everything they need to successfully advertise 24Bettle and/or b-Bets and/or Rembrandt Casino and/or Casino Sieger. Your affiliate manager is available 24/7 for you via email or Skype and additionally you may get in touch via the live chat feature whose icon you'll see anytime the chat is available. Our goal is that you do not need to wait with important questions.


Can I promote your brands in all countries?

In principle, you can advertise 24Bettle, b-Bets, Casino Sieger and Rembrandt Casino all over the world, however please always make sure you consider the laws of the country you want to advertise in. It is important for you to know though that players from the United States are excluded from registering at our casinos.


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime via e-mail at [email protected] or via skype: Condor.Affiliates .