Revamped Japanese website for Tournaverse
November 9, 2022

Go to our website to see the new, Japan-ready design! You ought to check it out if you haven't already!


Tournaverse is committed to continually evolve and provide you with a fun time and meaningful online casino services! Become a Tournaverse Affiliate if you haven't already. The moment is NOW, join and get in on the action, because instead of the customary 25% and up, we are currently providing our first Tournaverse Affiliates a 50% Revenue Share for the first three months!

In this otherworldly realm, players can gaze at the stars and  play with real money across Tournaverse's Casino and Sportsbook. The more players delve deeper into this universe, they'll discover a gamification quest that's out-of-this-world that will soon deliver additional Player Mission rewards, interplanetary Bonuses, and Cosmos Coins. To Level-Up and reap extra Loyalty Points, players will be able to do so as they hop from one planet to the next that form part of Tournaverse.


We at Condor Gaming are excited to collaborate with you to make this brand come to life!

Please contact us at [email protected]. We are also happy to introduce our newest addition, Risa, who can now be contacted in Japanese at [email protected]. Together, let’s make this Japanese players Tournaverse spaceflight the finest one yet!

Check out our freshly revamped Japanese website▼